Temp Staffing

If someone tells you that you can scale your workforce as per your business needs without hassles of on-boarding or off-boarding staff, lower training costs, meet peak load needs, eliminate legal risks, etc., would you opt for it? Most of the businesses nowadays are saying YES to it. Contract staffing helps employers to hire people for short duration projects for a small period of time based on the contract and release them. It is helpful both for the employers and employees.
Employers save on the money and manpower as they are using a leased employee, while for the employees they can take-up challenging opportunities and can help them to get on the top posts. Advantages of Contract Staffing H&B, a Pune-based one of the leading staffing agencies in India . If you are looking for an ideal candidate for vacancies in any sector, be it – IT, Banking, Finance, Research etc. then get in touch with us. We will bridge the gap in the employment market and find the Best talent available for you H&B takes care of candidates, processes and legalities attached to them while you can focus more on the core business functions. We facilitate the entire process of hiring, on-boarding,
documentation, pay-rolling and exits of the candidates. By using our contract staffing services you can upscale or ramp down the project by providing rightful consultants in a short span of time. A recent survey conducted on temporary staffing and contract staffing by companies revealed that almost 50% of companies engaged temporary staff
or contract staff for an average hiring time period of 6 months to 1 year. Rest of the companies had an average hiring time period of more than a year.

Advantage of Contract Staffing
– Workforce on request
– Lower Staffing Costs
– Easy Availability of diverse talent
– Evaluate Contract staff and if require hire them in Permanent staff

What is Temp Staffing?

In today dynamic market temporary staffing can offer cost saving and enhanced Productivity to the

The trend in Temp Staffing is occurring because of the abundance of IT resources, declining rates, and narrowing margins for companies that need these services.

Temp Staffing services entail allocation of dedicated resources, onsite or offshore, hired on fixed or flexible terms and conditions. This is a service where we as the provider will augment the client’s workforce with skilled persons. The Client is still responsible to manage the persons and the work which they will be completing. The staff are hired based on their technological skill set in keeping with the skill requirement as laid down by the customer. Using Temp Staffing services provide a one-window solution to companies who might require skills across diverse technology verticals.

Why Choose HBI as your Temp Staffing Partner?

1) Our Temp Staffing model is agile and it can support on-demand and fixed model support. We offer business process solutions which can be quickly ramped up and ramped down as per your business need allowing you that piece of mind of an expert managing the relationship.

2) We offer solutions which are scalable at high speed. We have had very high OTH ratios, and lowest TATs in the industry in several domains. This comes to us naturally as our business process design is apt to listen to customer well and manage relationships that can yield good outcome.

3) Our ability to serve you at multiple locations allow you to use a single partner instead of choosing partners and finding it difficult to manage multiple relationships. See our office locations

4) Our well defined processes, our technology leverage allows greater and measurable accountability for us as your partners, allowing better communication, course corrections etc. This results in enhanced predictability and accountability at both ends, helping business achieve their targets.

5) Proven Track Record – We @HBI have been able to carve our own niche in the outsourcing space and more so as a Temp Staffing or Temp staff provider. See our client list and see how delighted customers have stood up us in our growth journey.